Skilled Migration

If you hold skills that are in the New Zealand long term shortage list, then you may score 160 or more points to qualify for migration under the skilled migrant category.

Our team has the experience and knowledge on immigration policy guidelines and demonstrated ability to quickly assess elegibility and offer you some clear and helpful answers.

Business Migration

Since 1988, we have helped many businesses familiarize and work with complex aspects of business / immigration law in New Zealand

We have established NZ legal qualifications, and recognized expertise in translating offshore expertise into sustained business success in NZ.

Student Migration

We help strategise all aspects of student immigration, including parent liaison, educational opportunity assessment, accommodation appraisal and ensuring that a student is well placed and comfortable during the time they are in New Zealand.

Family Migration

Family connections are a vital part of immigration. At Golian we are both migrants and committed to family values

We have the legal qualifications, knowledge of immigration law and family experience to offer a clear appraisal and effective support through the immigration process.

Ongoing support

If you have a skill needed in New Zealand, this may help you qualify for acceptance for Immigration in New Zealand

Our team has the knowhow and demonstrated ability, to quickly assess elegibility and offer you some clear and helpful answers.


Occasionally, during the immigration process, incorrect procedures and misinterpretation of an applicable policy guideline can arise, resulting in an application not being accepted. In such case, with our in-depth legal training and experience we are often able to help facilitate a case through the appeals process.


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